Ghost Story Time!


I’ll tell you my shadow people one. Since that one takes up a majority of my life, and I’ve had the most experiences with them.

I’ve seen shadow people for a majority of my life. They’re just kinda there. I forget about them most days, and I haven’t seen them for a while. I thought it started a little after I was 13, but after a few events that I’m about to tell, it has gone on since I was little. 

When I was 6 years old, I spent a while in the hospital being very close to death. Luckily I got better. One night I was laying in bed and couldn’t get to sleep. I rolled over and on my wall was the shadow of a man in a fedora-like hat. I rolled back over and went to bed. Most of my family has seen him and has assumed it was just the ghost of the man who built our house, but I found out recently that is not the case. I saw him here and there through-out the rest of my childhood and never really thought anything of it.

So come age 13, my cousin tells me about shadow people and her ability to see them. Not too long after learning about them, I see them EVERYWHERE. They dash around, never still enough to get a good glimpse of them, but they were there. For a few years there were between 10-20 of them in my room when I’d go to bed. I just kinda accepted them as a normal part of life. They didn’t bother me too often, they’d dart around, move my belongings to places they had no business being. They’d only startle me here and there. This continued till I was about 17. Then they disappeared.

When I was 19, I walked out to the motor home to grab a water, and one bolted behind me and scared me half-to-death. It’d been almost 2 years since I had seen one. I came inside a little shaken just cause it wasn’t expected. I was taking my ex home, and I told him about how I’d seen them before and how I saw one that night. On the drive, I saw 5 more. More blatant than usual. This bothered him greatly. He kept me delayed from driving home. Finally I left, and as I was driving down the street, I was approaching a cross street in which they had a stop sign, and I did not. I watched a truck blow that stop sign at 60mph…if I had been nearly 30 seconds sooner, I would have been hit, and most-likely killed on impact. So once my nerves settled after that, I was driving up my road, which intersects with a trucking route, and the street I was on isn’t part of it. If I had been a few seconds sooner I would have been clipped by a semi-truck. They saved my life. Or them in combination with my ex.

So about a month later, my ex was over with a few of our friends. He went to lay down because he had class the next day. So as our friends left I went to lay down with him, just to spend time before I had to take him home. I laid down and I looked at my wall, and these two, solid-black figures came up from the side of my bed. They were shadowy but solid, and the blackest black. I have yet to find anyting as dark as those figures. Mind you, the following events happened in a span of about 15 seconds.
As I saw these figures, I wanted to scream, but I felt the voice escape my throat, and I froze. The feeling that came over me was indescribable  and is one that you would have to experience to understand…and I would NEVER wish that upon anyone. I felt angry, upset, depressed, hopeless, and every combination of every negative feeling or emotion all in one. The easiest way I can explain it was the presence of pure evil. Or that I would rather face all of my worst fears on repeat for all of eternity than to face those things again. They were there to do harm to me. I KNEW they were there to kill me. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t do anything. I was helpless. It felt like an eternity, and it felt like it would never end. They started to come towards me and I still couldn’t move, but some how I managed to bury my face into my ex’s chest and he woke up instantly asking what was wrong, and then it all hit me. When they disappeared they left me in such a state of despair, and I instantly became hysterical. I sobbed and couldn’t breath and panicked. I didn’t know what to do. He just held me as I cried.

I have never been more afraid in my life. To feel what I felt, there are no words to explain. I spent the next 6 months in fear, needing to sleep with a candle at night, and refusing to be anywhere that was dark. 

So I started to research, and I did a lot of reading and found out some things about them and the man in the hat.
The man in the hat has been seen by thousands of people from around the world, in all parts of the world, and the description of him is the same. My research also uncovered that the man in the hat is believed to be Lucifer himself, and that if you see him, then you see the pair not too long after. And vice versa, if you see the pair, then you’ll see the man in the hat and that they have hand-selected people/souls to fight in the on-going holy war between heaven and hell.

Now I’m not religious in any way. But with what I felt, it scared me. And I believed it. 

Shadow Entities.


What they possibly are:

1. they are demons / creatures from another dimension. there are undead types and ‘living types’
2. they are remnants of people or places that manifest/ ghost type / break offs from other entities.
3. they are made by emotions and thoughts / negative energies / memory residue  /imprints.
4. omens, dark figured beings to hint/warn/show what is to come.

What they possibly do:

1. watch / explore / allow themselves to be seen and do not interact.
2. interact and cause terror when in the vicinity of animals / humans /electronics.
3. cause hallucinations and wide spread paranoia, insist on harm to self and others / feed on these feelings.
4. incredible need to warp reality, attract other entities to location to cause havoc.
5.  watch / explore/ allow themselves to be seen and interact without hostility.
6  some feed on the fear/depression/anger of humans and other beings - sometimes cannibalize other shadow entities.
7. some appear/form in corners of vision / dark areas. some appear/form in broad daylight/ well lit areas.
8. tend to be accompanied by other negative energies, tend to consume other entities to sustain self.

It is suggested that these shadow entities are summoned through a lot of force, they are maintaining themselves through a lot of force, dispersing them and protecting self from them would occur through a lot of force.  The key is projection.

They engage with what is given to them.

After Much Thought Our Next Topic: Shadow People


No, I’m not talking about that movie that apparently came out earlier this year. No seriously there’s a movie about Shadow People (and it’s called that) that I didn’t even know existed. Not good apparently. Haha. Well anyway back to business

"Sometimes it appears as the mere silhouette of a person, usually male, but generally lacking any other characteristics of gender. However, in no way does the description end there. There are “hatted" shadow beings, hooded shadows, cloaked ones, and solid or wispy, smoky types. Some are seen only from the waist up. Others clearly have legs that are seen fleeing from their observers. They dart into corners, through walls, into closets, or behind television sets, bushes, and buildings. Sometimes they simply fade into the dark recesses of the night. Lacking in the description is one common denominator unifying the many different types of shadow people that enter our world, except that they are “intensely dark". Even then, there are exceptions.

"What is their purpose?" Well, one thing is for certain, the personalities and intentions of shadow people are just as varied as any one of the six billion people populating this planet. While a number of witnesses believe that shadow people act as benevolent guardians watching and guiding us, just as many witnesses have no doubt of the evil soul-wrenching potential of these beings. Originally, I believed the shadow people to be ghosts, but the stories received, read, compiled and uploaded are more convincing that shadows are a type of inter-dimensional beings, from which ‘ghost’ is only one sub-category. One can only hope that serious research into this paranormal (or psychological) genre will paint a clearer understanding of the nature and make-up of these dark mysterious ‘people’. That day has not yet come."


Use this URL is your interested in reading different stories from those that have had experiences. This site has compiled what seems like hundreds of experiences from people all over. 

This finishes the first part of the Shadow People topic. I’ll have more up in a bit.

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Shadow People Pt.2



This site tells of the different types of Shadows that people have seen. 

" Benign Shadows: Shadow People that seem to travel briefly through a person’s life. I saw these entities as a child. They appeared to walk with purpose through my room, never acknowledging me, and never straying from their path. I never felt an unholy fear, just the fear of watching a dark human-shaped trespasser walk past my bed.

Negative Shadows: Although these Shadow People tend to simply lurk, they are associated with a feeling of unnatural terror.

Red-Eyed Shadows: These entities are always negative, but stare at experiencers with blazing red eyes. Victims often say they feel this creature feed from their fear.

Hooded Shadows: Dressed as an ancient monk, people who encounter these Shadow People feel a deep rage bubbling behind the black cowl.

The Hat Man: This entity is the most curious. Dressed in a fedora, and sometimes appearing to wear an old-time business suit, the Hat Man appears to people in cultures across the planet.”

Looking up things for Shadow People, I actually came across things for this Hat Man a few times. I’ll probably do some looking up on him later on as a follow up to this.

Enjoy this Creepypasta on Shadow People.



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